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Bringing the PLSA’s Retirement Living Standards to life

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We’re proud to have supported the PLSA with the design and development of their award-winning Retirement Living Standards website, which aims to cut through the ambiguity surrounding retirement planning and help UK savers to achieve better outcomes.

We’ve created the Hitting the Target widget to support the widespread adoption of the Standards, by offering a simple way for employees to set a retirement lifestyle goal and understand the income they’ll need to target in order to support it.

For a limited time only, we’re pleased to offer you a one-month free trial of Hitting the Target.

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A Closer Look

Engaging visuals

The fun, interactive questionnaire, helps employees build a picture of their retirement lifestyle by answering simple multiple-choice questions.


Hitting the Target fits seamlessly with the other products in our Lifetime Toolbox, offering your organisation a more tailored journey based on your employees’ needs.

Encourages goal setting

The integrated maths engine gives employees a retirement lifestyle goal – ‘Minimum, Moderate or Comfortable’ – shows them the income they’ll need to support it, and the monthly savings required to reach their target.


Like all the products in our Lifetime Toolbox, Hitting the Target is ‘ready-to-go’. There’s no set-up fee – just a hassle-free monthly subscription with no minimum term.

Updates in real time

As employees interact with the widget, an animated living room scene is populated with items based on their answers, creating a personalised picture of their life after work.

The experience

Click the image below to experience Hitting the Target for yourself, and see how it will benefit your employees.

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Your one-month free trial

What’s included:


Basic UI changes such as company colours and logos can be made to suit your organisation’s brand identity.

Free hosting

We’ll host the widget for you on our servers during the duration of your free trial.


Our digital experts will be on hand to help with any technical issues you might have throughout your free trial.